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5 Meo DMT is a powerful psychedelic and hallucinogenic drug that can be used for enlightening oneself or for recreational uses. It has gained popularity among the youth, especially in Australia, Europe and Latin America.

what is 5 meo dmt?

5 meo dmt is one of the more powerful and famous hallucinogens on Earth. It is an extremely potent psychedelic drug, with just a small amount having a major effect; for instance, vaporizing 1 gram can result in about a dozen people having amazing MeO DMT trips.It is similar to other tryptamines like bufotenin and dimethyltryptamine (DMT).

5-meo-dmt effects

5-MEO-DMT is actually a metabolite of DMT, and is therefore much more common in nature. meo-dmt effects are actually pretty similar to dmt effects, but with a few differences. Like DMT, it’s highly potent, intense and the experience can be difficult to prepare for or enjoy without a safer mindset than with real dmt.

where to buy 5 Meo DMT

You can buy Meo DMT online from us. This product is not available in pharmacies or retail stores. You will have to buy it at our website specializing in the sale of research chemicals. Contact Us

5 Meo DMT


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5 Meo DMT
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