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Buy pure ALD-52 Blotters Online

The notorious bicycle day all started with ALD-52 also known as acetyl-LSD. ALD-52 was originally discovered by Albert Hofmann. ALD-52 wasn’t widely studied until the rise in p…

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The notorious bicycle day all started with ALD-52 also known as acetyl-LSD. ALD-52 was originally discovered by Albert Hofmann.

ALD-52 wasn’t widely studied until the rise in popularity of psychedelics in the 1960s. Research with ALD-52 is often called wild and extreme.

Ensure to store ALD-25 in a dry and cool place for maximum shelf-life.

ALD-52 is contained 100mcg of ALD-52 per blotter.


6 reviews for Buy pure ALD-52 Blotters Online

  1. Matt

    Closest i’ve came across i had my ego so death. Feel like doing again

  2. Jordan

    Thanks for making my day,i had not trip for over 3 months now. Cheers!

  3. Carole

    I appreciate your help and the time you put in to help me.
    I have recommended some of my friends and they came back with even more exciting breakthrough experiences.

  4. George

    The first time I had this, for me near the end of the trip when visuals started kicking in, no matter where I look shit seems to just zoom in for me.

  5. Daniel k

    Absolutely the brightest and prettiest shades i personally tested the microgram when i received. keep the work up

  6. MatthewBrady

    Lsd has always been my favorite. Always feel so happy. I’ve had trips where I’ve cried from how beautiful things are.
    Psychedelics have changed my life for the better

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