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Dmt Powder

DMT powder is a chemical substance, which is found from certain plants and animals. These plants are found in South America, Mexico, and some parts of Asia and these plants are referred to as Psychotria Viridis and Banisteriopsis caapi.

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N,N-Dimethyltryptamine, or DMT is a commonly occurring chemical found in both plants and animals throughout nature, including the human body. DMT can be consumed orally,most often smoked in a pipe or bong, snorted, injected, injected, as well as vaporized it acts as the main ingredient in the brew which has otherworldly hallucinogenic effects that can last for up to 6 hours.

Side Effects of DMT Powder

The main side effect of DMT powder is a powerful hallucination that can cause your brain
disability if you consume in a large amount. However, it is rated as the best drug because of
fewer side effects.
● Increased in heart rate
● Increased in blood pressure
● Rapid movement in eyelashes
● Audible trouble, such as hearing different voices
● The Layout of several colours at the same time

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effects of dmt

  • Visual perception (seeing bright colours, geometric shapes, ‘soft edge’ to objects)
  • Intense dreams
  • Change in self-perception and identity (disconnection from senses when sought) . https://psytimepharmaceuticals.com/product/dmt-powder-2/.

5 reviews for Dmt Powder

  1. Mitcheal K.

    I knew nothing about DMT when I called Exotic Psyche pharmaceuticals. DMT is now my thing of choice, and I am educated as to all aspects of it. I now feel comfortable that I am doing the best on tripping, and have stopped taking most of my visual trip.
    Mitcheal K.

  2. Colten Cunningham

    so accurate, literally what I was seeing on the walls of the bathroom after taking some powdered dmt. the patterns almost resemble faces

  3. faith

    I have always been afraid of tripping with DMT. About furthest I have done to drugs is marijuana. With that been said I have always been curious about other psychodelic drugs. And when I came across this DMT it placed me on a concious state similar to acid and shrooms. Overall thanks for coming through your product changed my life.

  4. Sebastain

    Thanks for awakening my travels,great job and thanks for coming quick

  5. Orsolya Balog

    I just dab it on a small rig, works wonders and easy to do by yourself. Ive also done it in a bowl with weed (not bad but not efficient) and out of aluminum foil lol which also worked really well

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